Security Guard job at KFC, Kolkata, Salt Lake Sector 5

Position: Security Guard

Location: KFC, Kolkata, Salt Lake Sector 5

Salary: Rs- 11,000 /- to Rs- 14,000 /-

Job Overview: As a Security Guard at KFC’s restaurant located in Salt Lake Sector 5, Kolkata, your primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and security of the establishment, its employees, and customers. You will be an integral part of the restaurant team, working diligently to maintain a secure and welcoming environment for everyone.

Key Responsibilities:


Please note that this job description may be subject to change, and specific responsibilities and requirements may be provided during the hiring process. If you are a dedicated and vigilant individual with a passion for ensuring the safety of others, we encourage you to apply for this Security Guard vacancy at KFC, Kolkata, Salt Lake Sector 5.

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